Overseas Money Transfer

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How It Works

How do we offer such great rates?

As we are a broker we access wholesale rates that are updated every minute. Most banks and brokers set their rate in the morning and do not move it throughout the day. If there is a major exchange rate movement during the day you will only benefit from it through us.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is £500 of your chosen currency.

How do I pay?

You can ONLY pay by bank transfer, internet or telephone banking, BACS OR CHAPS and UK debit cards. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH, CHEQUES OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS or any type of Emoney payment. Faster Payments is a free service offered by most banks now and usually allows us to see your payment quicker than other methods. We recommend use of this service if your bank supports it and you are unable to settle by debit card. If you choose to pay us by debit card you are limited to the following:

1. One order per 29 day period.
2. A maximum of £2500.00 for any individual or multi currency order

These limits DO NOT apply to bank transfer payments which are also generally free of charge. Check here to see if your bank allows Faster Payments http://www.apacs.org.uk/.

What will I receive as confirmation?

You will receive an email back detailing the Order processed. This will also provide our bank account for you to send payment to should you be using a bank transfer as payment method.

When do I pay?

We must receive your payment within 24 hours of your order to guarantee your order exchange rate. No orders are sent until we receive cleared funds.

What are the charges?

Your transmission fee is variable dependant upon the GBP equivalent value of your transfer:

Transfer AmountFee
£0.00 - £500.00 £15.00
£500.01 - £1,500.00 £7.50
£1,500.01 - £5,000.00 £5.00
£5,000.01 - £100,000.00 £0.00

There are no fees or charges and we will take all receiving bank charges where the transfer allows it. Remember - the exchange rate will improve in your favour with larger transfers as well.

Can I change or ammend my order?

Once entered and accepted by the system the order cannot be changed. You may of course add another order.

Can I cancel an order?

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. You will be required to provide digital signatures on your order confirming that you accept the Terms and Conditions and that you agree to enter into a legal contract that you intend to complete. It is not possible to complete an order without providing these signatures and once signed you will be legally committed to completion of the trade. DO NOT SUBMIT AN ORDER UNLESS YOU INTEND TO COMPLETE IT.

If you have any more questions please contact us